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A Little About Rhonda, Professional Organizer in NE Kansas

I have always had a knack for organizing. Even as a teen, I would organize friends bedrooms when we had slumber parties. During my years as an elementary teacher, I could often be found organizing our central supply closet as well as offering tips on how to organize lesson plans and other classroom activities. Believe me, keeping 20 five year olds with attention spans of less than 10 minutes engaged and on task requires a teacher to be on top of things!

One of the greatest honors a teacher can receive is to be asked to serve as a mentor teacher to college seniors during their student teaching semester. The experience of mentoring these students serves me well as I now help teach/coach others in home organization strategies.

After 30 years in the classroom, I decided that I would love to use my natural organizational skills to help others feel better about the spaces in their homes. I understand that this requires a huge amount of trust and I will protect that relationship. 

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