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Testimonials by Love Your Space’s Satisfied Clients

Kitchen Organization

"Before Rhonda from Love Your Space came, I was really struggling with how to best organize my kitchen. We have lived in our home for 5 years, and I have tried many different arrangements. I had just never found one that worked. I was completely out of ideas. With Rhonda's expertise my spices and pantry items are under control, and I have a vision for the rest of my kitchen.

Thank you Rhonda!"


Kitchen Cupboard - BeforeBefore Kitchen Cupboard - AfterAfter     Kitchen Cupboard - BeforeBefore Kitchen Cupboard - AfterAfter


“Last year Rhonda helped me reorganize my entire kitchen. We emptied out every cabinet. Rhonda had so many wonderful ideas and with her help my kitchen is much more functional. I haven’t changed a thing since she was here.

Thanks Rhonda for doing such a wonderful job. I hope your new business venture is successful; you’re great at organizing.”



Classroom Organization

Classroom Desk BeforeBefore Classroom Desk AfterAfter     Storage Area - BeforeBefore Storage Area - AfterAfter


Linen Closet Organization

Linen Closet BeforeBefore Linen Closet AfterAfter


Basement Organization

“Rhonda is awesome! She was very thorough and patient with me as we sorted through tons of boxes in my basement. Items were organized into seasons, boxes were labeled and shelved. Rhonda took my “no longer wanted or needed” items to Goodwill for me. Rhonda’s organizing savvy and keen eye for detail made my basement project easy to accomplish.”